Introducing Left-Versus-Right Book and Article Pairings

While I have spent my life living in a more liberal milieu, through personal experience and independent study I have found many truths on the right side of the political spectrum. A major purpose of this blog is to try to introduce those truths to those of more liberal mindset.

A while ago I launched a search site called Counter Search which allowed people to search for a topic across a variety of high-quality right-of-center sites. I wanted to make it easy for people to get a counter take to the narratives pushed by NPR or the New York Times.

I have now added two new sections to the Counter Search site:

Book Pairings — On a large number of topics I have paired a quality left-of-center book with a quality right-of-center book. I want to make it easier for people to engage with the perspectives they are missing. If you have only read books from the left side, if you cannot even accurately describe the arguments in the books on the right side, you probably should broaden your reading. The list of books was put together via my own personal reading and recommendations from others.

Article Pairings — On a variety of topics I have compiled collections of articles representing the most compelling left-of-center arguments and the most compelling right-of-center arguments. Again, I want to make it easy for people to at least be aware of the evidence and arguments produced by the other side. The article pairings section covers fewer topics right now, but I may continue to add topics over time.

I hope that you find these new sections both useful and worth sharing.